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There are hundred's of waiters that call themselves actor's. That guy making your soy frappucino is a musician. You know that because he tell's you almost daily. So from this day forward I will call myself a writer. I may make money on the television and radio but I am choosing to call myself a writer.
From what I can tell in order to call myself a "writer" I need to do one thing.......write

Ive been blessed to have so many jobs from MTV's Headbangers Ball , WCW Wrestling,NASCAR TV & Radio host, Creator of some of the most succesful nightclubs in L.A mainly the CATHOUSE,3 years on Loveline,Talk Radio Host, reality shows from Daisy of Love, Charm School and the Rock of Love Reunions. Ive seen some of my friends become the biggest rock stars in the world. I have interviewed 1000's of the most unique people from sports and entertainment. Ya the boasting is making me sick too.
Ive also lost everything, filed for bankruptcy and had to get a job as a car salesman just to keep the lights on. That is what I do and what I have done but that is not who I am.

One more thing. Kid's or very sensitive folk should not read my blog's just in case I say something a tad risque.

Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 F-U 2012 Bring it on

Dec 30,2011 For those of you that never knew this blog existed sniff around there may be some cool stuff to read. Today however it's time to bring back a yearly tradition. Every New Years I make a big ol list of tasks I want to accomplish in the upcoming year. I even put thought into the list and made guidelines. I urged many of you to do the same and it was pretty cool to hear about some of your accomplishments that were a result of the list.

    I can tell you 2011 was quite honestly a shit year for me and many of my goals were not attained. I lost Badger (my dog). Gayle and I separated, I had foot surgery which ended my running  and I found myself in more stressful situations than I had been in prior years. I feel I aged more this year than I have in the past 10. There were many changes in 2011 that I may or may not go into in a future blog. I also went to college for the first time. I got an A for the first time. I ran a marathon plus rode my motorcycle in excess of 10,000 miles. Followed through on my goals of creating 2 tv shows and I am hoping to have one of them sold before Feb.

The point is it's the dawn of a new year. Time to look back but only for a short time. Time to think ahead and get your shit together. Here are some guidelines I made last year that I feel really help in making your list

 If your still having trouble coming up with your own here are a few guidelines that seem to help I urge you to post your list in the comment section of this blog so you know it is always here. I may update the status of my list every month or so. I really am stoked some of you are into this and because of your comments and the  fear of coming off like a total hypocrite  I now have even more incentive to fulfill my 22 list. What  about the mysticism of number 22. Cmon you know I don’t buy that Hippie crap. If your still having trouble coming up with your own here are a few guidelines that seem to help 

It is important to include several no-brainer fun things. Make Pancakes,Play guitar hero,go to a movie alone, watch a foreign film. Most important  is to
Be specific !!!! 
Example : I want to find true love......First of all you cant go find it  and usually what you thought was true love wasn’t in the first place. too vague. You could put  go out on five dates. / 
PLay guitar 7 hours a week. I would change that one as well. What if you cant play one week or only manage 5 hours. Dont set yourself up for possibly making a mistake. I  would put play guitar 1000 hours in 2011 and just mark off the hours.  I didn’t put  run 20 miles a week, sometimes I run more what if Im riding across the country and dont run for two weeks. I didn’t want to look at that list and make an asterisk by a certain week. I put run 611 miles  that way I will check them off as I go.  I would stay away from putting tasks that are beyond your control. I’m all for positive thinking but as I’ve said before I don’t fall for that “Secret” stuff.  I would like another TV show, I would like to be working in NASCAR next year on TV. I put on my list  pitch a show create, new ideas  and put the tools and tasks  it would take to achieve those goals on the list. It is also important to make a list that you realistically will complete... 

Remember I made that list a year ago. The point is be specific. Avoid things like "I will lose weight" too vague instead put I will weigh XXXX at the end of June or July etc. Expand my record collection go to more races,eatless fudge. They need to be more specific. Cook 6 meals, read 3 books, go on 1 tri state killing spree.

Here is a boring video recap of my list from 2011

Ok I'm done for a bit. Start thinking about your list but this year. Let's make it 12 things you will do in 2012. You've got some time


  1. split up with my husband this year, too (he had a girlfriend he never bothered mentioning, how sweet...) and lost my dog in the divorce, cause i am now living in a friend's spare bedroom in his apartment - no place for a husky. she already doesn't recognize me, rips my heart out. i'm so sorry to hear about you and gayle. 2011 has been the shittiest shit year out of a whole stream of shit years...but i was still really proud to pull out my list a couple of days ago and see that i actually did more on it than i realised. looking forward to hammering away at my list for next year, too. thank you, riki. i know that "misery loves company" is a chestnut so old it was moldy when the dinosaurs were roaming the earth, but it feels a little less lonely to know i'm not the only one.

  2. Holy shit! I didn't know you and Gayle split. I guess 2011 was the year I wasn't on Twitter as much as Wordpress, which means I was out of the loop! Here's hoping for a better year ahead Riki. Horns up!

  3. I didn't know,and I'm so sorry to see that happened to you both,I still support who you both are,and I wish the best,I know you both can get through this and move on to better things.much love and respect man,just because the road got rocky,just means you got to rev your engine and plow through til the road is straight enough for you again.Take Care.