Explanation of what this is

There are hundred's of waiters that call themselves actor's. That guy making your soy frappucino is a musician. You know that because he tell's you almost daily. So from this day forward I will call myself a writer. I may make money on the television and radio but I am choosing to call myself a writer.
From what I can tell in order to call myself a "writer" I need to do one thing.......write

Ive been blessed to have so many jobs from MTV's Headbangers Ball , WCW Wrestling,NASCAR TV & Radio host, Creator of some of the most succesful nightclubs in L.A mainly the CATHOUSE,3 years on Loveline,Talk Radio Host, reality shows from Daisy of Love, Charm School and the Rock of Love Reunions. Ive seen some of my friends become the biggest rock stars in the world. I have interviewed 1000's of the most unique people from sports and entertainment. Ya the boasting is making me sick too.
Ive also lost everything, filed for bankruptcy and had to get a job as a car salesman just to keep the lights on. That is what I do and what I have done but that is not who I am.

One more thing. Kid's or very sensitive folk should not read my blog's just in case I say something a tad risque.

Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 F-U 2012 Bring it on

Dec 30,2011 For those of you that never knew this blog existed sniff around there may be some cool stuff to read. Today however it's time to bring back a yearly tradition. Every New Years I make a big ol list of tasks I want to accomplish in the upcoming year. I even put thought into the list and made guidelines. I urged many of you to do the same and it was pretty cool to hear about some of your accomplishments that were a result of the list.

    I can tell you 2011 was quite honestly a shit year for me and many of my goals were not attained. I lost Badger (my dog). Gayle and I separated, I had foot surgery which ended my running  and I found myself in more stressful situations than I had been in prior years. I feel I aged more this year than I have in the past 10. There were many changes in 2011 that I may or may not go into in a future blog. I also went to college for the first time. I got an A for the first time. I ran a marathon plus rode my motorcycle in excess of 10,000 miles. Followed through on my goals of creating 2 tv shows and I am hoping to have one of them sold before Feb.

The point is it's the dawn of a new year. Time to look back but only for a short time. Time to think ahead and get your shit together. Here are some guidelines I made last year that I feel really help in making your list

 If your still having trouble coming up with your own here are a few guidelines that seem to help I urge you to post your list in the comment section of this blog so you know it is always here. I may update the status of my list every month or so. I really am stoked some of you are into this and because of your comments and the  fear of coming off like a total hypocrite  I now have even more incentive to fulfill my 22 list. What  about the mysticism of number 22. Cmon you know I don’t buy that Hippie crap. If your still having trouble coming up with your own here are a few guidelines that seem to help 

It is important to include several no-brainer fun things. Make Pancakes,Play guitar hero,go to a movie alone, watch a foreign film. Most important  is to
Be specific !!!! 
Example : I want to find true love......First of all you cant go find it  and usually what you thought was true love wasn’t in the first place. too vague. You could put  go out on five dates. / 
PLay guitar 7 hours a week. I would change that one as well. What if you cant play one week or only manage 5 hours. Dont set yourself up for possibly making a mistake. I  would put play guitar 1000 hours in 2011 and just mark off the hours.  I didn’t put  run 20 miles a week, sometimes I run more what if Im riding across the country and dont run for two weeks. I didn’t want to look at that list and make an asterisk by a certain week. I put run 611 miles  that way I will check them off as I go.  I would stay away from putting tasks that are beyond your control. I’m all for positive thinking but as I’ve said before I don’t fall for that “Secret” stuff.  I would like another TV show, I would like to be working in NASCAR next year on TV. I put on my list  pitch a show create, new ideas  and put the tools and tasks  it would take to achieve those goals on the list. It is also important to make a list that you realistically will complete... 

Remember I made that list a year ago. The point is be specific. Avoid things like "I will lose weight" too vague instead put I will weigh XXXX at the end of June or July etc. Expand my record collection go to more races,eatless fudge. They need to be more specific. Cook 6 meals, read 3 books, go on 1 tri state killing spree.

Here is a boring video recap of my list from 2011

Ok I'm done for a bit. Start thinking about your list but this year. Let's make it 12 things you will do in 2012. You've got some time

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Diamond in the Rough- 7 years ago we lost Dimebag

I know that I have not posted anything on this blog page for many months. I was going to post something about this day on Twitter but there was no way 144 letter would convey my feelings.

       7 years ago today was the darkest day in rock. Legendary guitarist Dimebag Darrel of Pantera/Damageplan was murdered on stage. I won't go into the details of the story because you probably know it and I would rather focus on the good stuff and with Pantera there was a lot of good stuff.

    I have a lot of great memories with the band and Dime. A few of these stories I should probably keep to myself but I will share a few here.

    I met Pantera in early 1991. It was Phil and Dime. MTV insisted that I call him Diamond on camera not Dimebag due to the drug reference . They had a great time correcting me every time I said Diamond.* for all the idiots that loved to post on message boards that I didnt even know his name. He used to be referred to as Diamond . I was a huge fan of Pantera and still think of them as one of the top 5 metal bands period.....hmmm maybe top3. The other thing I appreciated was that hanging with the guys was pretty much like hanging with my bro's at the time. It was wild wreckless and we always had a blast.......ALWAYS.  We ended up shooting several specials with Pantera on Headbangers . We would go on the road with them, hang out in the studio even spent a week in Texas which to this day was one of the craziest, decadent and by far most ummmm entertaining of shoots on MTV.
If you ever go back and read any interviews I've done in the past I always mention Pantera and Alice in Chains as my favorite guests on the Headbangers Ball because they never took it to seriously and were always down for a party.

    Dimebag in particular was one of the most unpretentious rockers I've ever worked with. He could shred on stage for 2 hours in front of 15,000 people then be sitting in the back of a van pounding beers with fan's.No he really was that guy. D.D was the peoples rock star and never copped an attitude. He was upbeat very down to earth and exactly what we want a rock star to be which is not acting like a rock star.
In Texas we hit up a few bars, kicked a football at Dallas Cowboy stadium and even kicked it at his mothers house. That whole band,every member of Pantera was good people. That's who you wanted to party with.

         I played in a punk rock band called "Battery Club" for a few years. One night we played in Dallas. Dime and Vinnie were there bought our tape and a t-shirt. I don't even think they liked the band they were just supporting the group. After the show they asked us all to go back to the studio to listen to some new stuff and of course "party" with them. Take note my band was made up of various musician's from punk bands like Social Distortion,DI etc and really didnt know much about metal at all. I also don't think the guys in my band understood that when it came to having fun and getting fucked up these Dime and Vinnie were professionals. The drinks flowed as I'm sure the weed did too.
I remained sober so was able to observe

  Several hours later a few of the guys in my bad were so drunk they were fighting each other,quitting the band and telling the van driver to just leave without them. The Battery Club Boys could not party on the Pantera level. Few could.

It sounds cliche for me to tell you that Dimebag ws good people or how he really cared about his fans but it's true. As much as he was the guy with one of the most unique guitar tones in metal he was also the guy doing shots of Jack talking to fans about Kiss. He was honestly one of the realest mother fuckers there was.

He didnt od or do something stupid. He was taken away from us by some asshole with a gun.

If you want to hear something nice said about the dude all you need to do is ask ANYONE that met hin

Friday, July 8, 2011

JULY 23rd I'm going after a member of SAMCRO

Ok I know Ive been lagging in my blog's but let me tell you. I have bee really busy. Here is an event I will be participating in. I'm hoping I'll have some RACPAC support there
Toyota Speedway and Event Center


Irwindale, Calif. - -  Four more celebrity names have been added to the star-studded cast of the Kids Against Cancer Celebrity Race Presented by Justice Brothers that's set for Saturday night July 23 at Toyota Speedway in Irwindale.

Here, in alphabetical order, are the next four CELEBRACERS who will be putting on the Nomex and pulling on the carbon fiber to raise money for the cause in a few weeks:

BARRY BOSTWICK:  Tall (6'4"), agile, energetic, and ever-so-confident as both actor and singer, especially on the Broadway stage, this consummate pro possesses that certain style.  Yet, for all his diverse talents (he's a Golden Globe winner and was nominated for the Tony Award three times, winning once), Bostwick is trapped in a "time warp".  35 years after the fact, he is still indelibly associated with the role of nerdy hero Brad Majors in "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" (1975).  In 1977 Bostwick won Broadway's highest award, the Tony for his work in "The Robber Bridegroom" (1977).  Following top roles in the musicals "She Loves Me" and "The Pirates of Penzance", Bostwick turned to film and TV.  After winning a Golden Globe for his role as a military officer in the miniseries "War and Remembrance" (1988), the prematurely grey-haired actor found steadier success in sitcoms as a smug comedy foil to Michael J. Fox  playing Mayor Randall Winston for six seasons in "Spin City"  (1996).  He later enjoyed a recurring role as a dauntless attorney on "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit"  (1999).  A prostate cancer survivor, Bostwick might also be spotted pitching items in commercials or hamming it up in family-oriented Disneyesque entertainment like "Parent Trap" and "101 Dalmatian" mold
 One word sums up Barry Bostwick as a performer:  VERSATILE!

JESSICA HOLMES:  An anchor for the "KTLA Morning News at 9", this vivacious young Los Angeles TV reporter has a reputation for versatility in front of the cameras that even extended into ariel assignments as an airborne traffic reporter onboard Channel 5's famous HD Telecopter.  Beginning her television career in 1999, Holmes interned at Nickelodeon and began co-hosting "Slimetime Live," six months later.  In 2002 her rather slippery-named series was presented with an award for Outstanding Children's Program by the Florida Motion Picture and Television Association.   By 2003, Holmes moved to New York to host the Outdoor Life Network's "Bragging Rights," a reality game show series where male contestants competed in outdoor sports challenges.  Although a native of Cleveland, Holmes spent most of her childhood in Cape Coral, Florida, graduating from the University of Central Florida where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Radio and Television.  Holmes joined KTLA in November 2005 as weathercaster for the station's "Prime News," after winning "The Audition", a reality show-style competition held on the Morning News show that saw hundreds of would-be weathercasters trying out in front of a million-viewer-strong audience where she landed what she calls the job of a lifetime.  Her work with the all of the exceedingly personable personalities on the KTLA Morning News can always be described as fun-loving, bright, and engaging but, rest assured, her chops as a straight news reporter are as good as anyone on the show. 

CHRISTOPHER McKNIGHT:   This actor/Industrialist was born in New York, At the tender age of seven, he began landing appearances in commercials for companies such as Toyota, Tide, and Cheerios and in television shows such as "Gunsmoke" (1955) and "Mannix"  (1967). Soon, however, he found himself involved with what would become one of the most successful television shows of all time. Partially because his dark looks matched that of Robert Reed who was already cast as the show's father, McKnight won the part of the middle brother, "Peter Brady", in "The Brady Bunch" (1969). Airing from September 1969 through August 1974, the show was highly popular with teenagers of that era. Although ending thirty years ago, it acquired instant syndication and has never since left the airways.  McKnight has starred or otherwise participated in the abundance of Brady films, television movies, series, gatherings, discussions and retrospectives. McKnight also has utilized his celebrity status by serving as host and/or spokesperson for several projects. In 2003, for example, McKnight hosted the series "TV Road Trip" for the Travel Channel. McKnight also was privileged to be the spokesperson for the National Consumer League's "AD/HD Campaign to Inform the Nation," speaking in Washington D.C. at the National Press Club on the sensitive subject of AD/HD (McKnight himself was diagnosed with lifelong ADD at the age of 40).  Cognizant of his celebrity status and seasoned by maturity, McKnight is ready and eager to return more fully to the industry that gave him his start and to expand his public identity.

DALLAS RAINES:  If you're from southern California and don't know who Dallas Raines is, you've really got to get out more!  This peripatetic prognosticator of the probabilities of the weather is not only knowledgeable (he's a real honest-to-millibars, capital "M") Meteorologist.  And his nifty nightly weathercasts on ABC7 in Los Angeles are required watching for millions who really want to know how to dress for work and/or the weekend.  At it for over 25 years now, the tanned and terrific newsman is considered something of a regional treasure by fellow broadcasters and viewers alike.  The winner of a trophy room full of on-air weather-related performance awards, Raines is also something of a performance car aficionado, doing stuff like strapping a supercharger on his already pretty darn hot Corvette.  Raines works with many community service agencies and has even taken time off to teach meteorology at Cal State University Northridge.  Raines is also known for his stylish wardrobe, always wearing suits and ties that add interest to his persona.  Perennially sporting a healthy tan, Raines is a human dynamo and one of the honestly nice guys in the biz.

Each of the above celebrities will drive identically-prepared S-2 NASCAR Stock Cars built at the RACECAR FACTORY right in Irwindale only about a mile from the track.  These are serious, full-size, fiberglass bodied, stock cars with a 350 horsepower Chevy V-8's under the hood, and a full roll cage protecting the driver.  Each machine comes "standard" with a looks-easy-when-the-pros-do-it, plop-in-through-the-window opening style entry that gets one's full and undivided attention first time and reminds that this ride is a pro deal every time thereafter.

SPECIAL SPONSOR'S NOTE:  There are still a few very attractive special sponsor opportunities available for this very unique NASCAR charity event.  $2,500 will not only get a sponsor's name painted very large on one of these sleek S2 stockers, but will include the full VIP treatment for two very lucky, very nice people.  That includes a private meet and greet with the celebrity drivers, full NASCAR pit access, and tickets to the sponsor's VIP celebration on the track's exclusive party deck located high above turns 3 and 4.  (One phone call to Mary Gonzales 626-358-1100 at the Speedway can set the above package up, just as quick as that.)

All of the above adds up to another "More (NASCAR) Racing For Your Money"  Saturday night at Toyota Speedway in nearby Irwindale, California where ticket and parking prices have not changed since opening day 1999, and where racing is just the beginning of all the fun!

The track's gates open to the pubic at 4PM and at 5:45 everyone is invited right down on the track to take part in the Speedway's special time to meet the drivers, see the cars up close, get a snapshot or two, the autograph of a favorite driver and just generally mix and mingle in the pre-race party that we call the King Taco On-Track Autograph Session.  Fans are reminded to bring the kids and not to miss this no-extra-charge unique part of the special fan experience at the Speedway!

NOTE: Since this release isn't long enough already here is a re-listing of the first five participants (again, in alphabetical order):

Veteran actor KIM COATES has appeared in over 100 film and TV productions including big screen roles in "Blackhawk Down" and "Resident Evil-Afterlife" as well as appearing as a cast member in "Sons of Anarchy" and "Human Target".  Coates will be doing double duty on the July 23rd event night at Irwindale as it is also night of the track's twelfth annual "Harley's on the Half-Mile" gathering of the two-wheel fraternity.  Bikers from all over SoCal will be converging on the Speedway to raise funds for 'Kids Against Cancer' and Coates is sure to be a big fan favorite with them.

Whether he's playing a good guy, a bad guy, and just about anything in between, WILLIAM FICHTNER is the walking definition of the word versatile when it comes to description of a working actor.  He's done stage, TV, features
 Even voice-overs for a popular video game.  Fichtner's body of work includes a recurring roles (Phil Yagoda) in "Entourage", "MDs" (Dr. Bruce Kellerman) and in "Prison Break" (Alex Mahone).  He was also seen in "The Dark Knight",  "Blades of Glory", and in the award-winning ensemble film "Crash" among others.  He shares a credit "Blackhawk Down" with Kim Coates. Fichtner raced in the Toyota Pro-Celebrity race at the Long Beach, but this will be his first time on an oval.

RIKI RACHTMAN has been one of the most recognizable figures on MTV & VH1 for over two decades.  In the 90's he spent 5 years as the host of the highly rated HEADBANGERS BALL.  He also starred on VH1's Charm School , Daisy of Love and hosted the famous Rock of Love Reunions.   Rachtman is also a full-bore, flat-out NASCAR Nut. He spent several years on working on Speed Channel shows and for NASCAR.com, these days he hosts the nationally-syndicated radio show "Racing Rocks" currently heard on over 100 stations across the country.  Just how much does this guy NASCAR love racing?  He recently told us that he's got tattoos of the iconic racing numbers #3 and #43, but he didn't say where. 

You know him as Detective Rex Winters on the gripping TV series "Law and Order: LA" where he just completed his fourteenth episode of the popular crime drama.  And just ahead of that TV specialist SKEET ULRICH played the same crimestopper on "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit".  His work on "CSI:NY" was under the character name of Hollis Eckhart in the 2009 season, and from 2006 to 2008 he starred in the gritty western series "Jerico" as Jake Green.  He portrayed Jethro Wheeler in the TV Mini-Series "Into The West" and was a regular in the 2003 series "Miracles" where he played Paul Callan. 

Fifth, but far from last in this group of young actors is  PETER SHINKODA.  Now starring in TNT's highly anticipated series "Falling Skies" from executive producer Steven Spielberg and Dreamworks Television.   Shinkoda plays as 'Dai,' a competent, yet quiet commando.  Staying with the martial arts theme he'll also  be seen in the upcoming Warner Bros. produced live-action web series "Mortal Kombat .  Shinkoda's television credits include "The L Word" and "Kingdom Hospital", "Supernatural," SyFy's "Sanctuary," and James Cameron's "Dark Angel." On the big screen, Shinkoda has worked in features alongside the likes of: Jet Li, Jason Statham Will Smith, Bridget, Ben Affleck, Aaron Eckhart and Uma Thurman.

Toyota Speedway and Event Center opened on March 27, 1999 and has become one of the premier NASCAR Home Tracks in the country.  Featuring virtually every aspect of stadium-style motorsports competition, the facility is clean, family-friendly and features a unique money-back guarantee that refunds any fan's ticket price if they are not 100% happy with the show.  Located on the 605 freeway in Irwindale, California, the track is easy to get to from just about anywhere in southern California.

For more information, tickets, or directions:  www.toyotaspeedwayatirwindale.com

Thursday, June 9, 2011

RIKI GOES TO COLLEGE (My final assignment)

Let me preface this by letting you know I was never good in school. I know that probably comes as no surprise to you. I dreaded going and my grade’s were a good reflection of that. I’m one of those guys that have a hard time sitting still. You can add failure to listen to instructions on that list as well.

      I have always wanted to be a writer. ( READ APRIL 6 BLOG) No really go read it now then I will continue………………………………

   OK read it? Then I can skip ahead here. As the classes went on at UCLA I was set back by two revelation’s. First I noticed that I was actually learning something. Mind blowing huh? The teacher was explaining certain way’s to approach writing and it actually made sense. We read a book called “Bird by Bird” which also provided me with a few usefull tools. Now for something really odd. I not only showed up for every class early but I did the homework. I even found myself giving a shit about what the teachers and class member’s thought about some of the stories I had written.  Whoa this is new I was actually for this brief moment in my life a good student. Ya I know it’s crazy.

      The final assignment was issued and we were told to write a story that included conversation’s between two people. It also must be under 8 pages. It was the under 8 pages part that proved to be the challenge. I decided I would write a story that would not be about rock n roll,excessive lifestyle’s,biker’s,zombies or girls gone bad. I wanted to write a story that the class would read and never guess it was by the greasy haired dirtbag in the corner.

     Using the tools I had absorbed in class I started banging away on the Mac keyboard. I even spent a little extra time on spelling and grammar, which if you have read anything by me you know is about as important to me as a snow shovel. 

     Several hours later I had written what I thought was a pretty good story. The only issue I saw was that it was not the required 8 pages but 16. First thing I did and this was not taught in my class was make the borders wider.  I was down to 15 pages. I know it was meant to be double spaced but 1.5 will go unnoticed. I was down to 14 and had to take this story that I was very proud of it and begin to perform surgery. I removed character’s and scene’s. To me it felt like I had Rocky Road and turned in Vanilla. I now give you my final story for my first ever College course

“What’s your final decision Mr. Davenport ?”
The old man paused. He didn’t like Ken, but he was the only available salesman on the car lot .Slicker than grease he thought. He didn’t want to part with his faithful truck but he needed the money.
“Is there a way you could go up to $750?” The old man gave one final plea.
“Look, Mr. D.” Ken put his hand on the old man’s shoulder the way a parent would when speaking to a young child. Earl Davenport was not a young child. Earl was 67 years old yet his sickness made him seem much older. He wore an old pair of blue Dickie overalls, faded and spotted with yellow paint drips. The white T-shirt Earl wore was stained on the collar from the sweat of many years spent in the humid afternoons in Wylie Alabama. Earl felt the muscles in his heart tighten up .His gaze drifted downwards. He put his thin wrinkled hands into his pocket trying to ignore the oncoming pain.
“Look Mr. D I can do $650 cash right now I wish I could do more.
“$650 will be fine” Earl said admitting defeat “But I will need a ride to the Safeway and then home” Earl made the requests sound like demands as if it were part of the deal.
Chris Watson was 19 years old and had worked at Wylie Chevrolet for 2 years . If boxes needed to be moved it was Chris’s job to move them. Clean out the restroom at the dealership Chris was on it. Chris also drove the shuttle when a customer would drop their vehicle off.
“Good afternoon Mr. Davenport. Where ya heading?”
            Earl cautiously lifted himself into the passenger side of the shuttle van. He had just sold his only source of transportation, which meant he had lost a portion of his freedom. His heart had felt like it was on fire yet he found a way to smile at the boy 3 generations younger than him.
             “I’m sure Ken Burman told you I have to make one stop to the Safeway.”
“Safeway it is Mr. Dav.”
“Please sonny call, me Earl,” he interrupted  with a slight grin and a wink.
The Safeway in Wylie was the only supermarket in town.  Chris followed Earl down the aisle pushing the cart. Earl squinted as he looked for the most inexpensive soap, detergent, T.V. dinners, canned soup and milk.
“My father told me you were a great High School Football Coach. One of the best.”
Earl smiled and turned his attention to Chris. “Your father was Ron Watson,one heck of a linebacker. You know even back in high school he was quite smitten with your mother.” Earl paused as he approached the frozen meat section. He reached for a shiny black packet of hot dogs that had the inscription Elite Gold Pure Beef Hot Dogs. It seemed out of place in Earl’s shopping cart with all the discounted generic brands.
“I’ve really got to get a moving. Red isn’t used to me being away so long.”
Chris seemed puzzled. Red had not been brought up in the past and he wasn’t sure he ever knew anyone in Wylie named Red.
As the two approached the check out line, Earl put both of his hands in his pockets. He pulled out a small stack of fresh dollar bills and handed them to Chris. Earl continued to forage through his pockets.  A crumpled ball of paper was pulled from the back pocket of the faded jeans and Earl started to slowly open the wad up as if he were breaking apart an orange.  Earl placed both the wrinkled pieces against his pant leg and rubbed his open hand against the paper in an attempt to flatten it out. Chris began placing items from the cart on the belt. He saw the crumpled pieces of paper Earl was working and noticed the bold red letters on both sheets. FINAL NOTICE.
Melanie the 40ish cashier at Safeway did her best to keep a Colgate smile attempting to ignore the urgent message on the much over due power and water bill.
 “ How are you Mr Davenport ? I haven’t seen you for around”
 “How are ya Melanie ? Can I get a  $212 money order and one for….”
Earl’s face tightened as he tried to read the small print that had faded on the bill after being in his pocket for weeks. “Uhhh 87 dollars.”
           Melanie began to process Earl’s money orders and continued to ring up his groceries. “That will be two hundred and ninety nine dollars for the money orders and, with the groceries, we have a total of three hundred fifty six,sixty six”
Earl motioned for Chris to give him the cash he was holding and Earl counted out 4 crisp one hundred dollar bills which he handed to Melanie. While waiting for his change, a bolt of pain raced through Earls body. He felt the vice tighten on his heart. Earl inhaled trying to mask any discomfort. He closed his eyes and clamped his jaws.
“Mr. Davenport, are you O.K.?” Chris moved forward towards Earl in case he fell backwards, Chris wanted to make sure he would catch him.
“Of course I am. A little heart burn I guess.”
Chris pushed the cart through the parking lot and loaded the groceries into the back of the van.
“Do you know that Pharmacy next to the Dairy Queen?” Earl asked
“I know it well. They carry the flea medicine for my aunt’s cat.”Chris smiled but also was concerned about the discomfort his new friend.
            A small bell rang as the two walked into the Kenner Pharmacy.Mr. Kenner was behind the counter busily working on the computer. When he saw Earl Davenport he stood up quickly.
 “Earl Davenport, how have you been? I thought I would have seen you weeks ago. I was almost going to send the medication back.” Mr. Kenner turned and began looking through a series of plastic tubs lined up on a shelf, each marked with a series of letters. He pulled 3 containers and placed them on the counter.He picked up the smaller of the three,
“This right here is Palladia.  This is for the cancer but I believe this is for Red correct?” Earl nodded.
“The other 2 are for your heart, Digitalis and the Ace Inhibitor.”
Earl interrupted attempting to wrap this conversation up in an abrupt but polite way “We’ve gone through this before. I know what they are.  What’s the damage?”
“Well, the insurance will help quite a bit with the Digitalis and Ace Inhibitor. You only have to pay 35 dollars for both, but you know insurance won’t cover the Palladia for Red. it might be a good idea to get your medication and…
“How much is it?” Earl didn’t want to hear the advice Mr. Kenner was going to give.
             Mr. Kenner set the bottle down with the others. “The Palladia will set you back two-hundred dollars and that’s only for 3 weeks”
             The money from selling the truck was the only money Earl had.  “I better just get the Palladia today”
“Are you sure Earl you really need to make your personal health top priority”
Earl nodded looked down at his trembling hands and handed 2 one hundred dollar bills to the pharmacist.
“Don't forget Mr. Davenport, we are looking at some harsh weather approaching.” Kenner warned Earl as he handed him his change.
The Lake Chevrolet shuttle van turned right off Route 78 and pulled down a gravel road that was simply marked with a rusted sign marked Dogwood.
“It’s about a mile down this road Chris”
The van slowly navigated the bumps and holes while passing several small homes partially hidden behind the thick Dawn Redwood Trees. A light refracted off the water of a small lake that made Chris squint. Earl shuffled up in his seat and pressed his nose against the passenger side glass window of the van. Like a child outside of a bakery Earl stared through the glass. As more of the lake became visible the corners of his lips began to inch upwards as a very small but visible smile began to form.
Lost in his gaze of the still water and gentle swaying of the cat tails.  Earl’s mind began to drift back to the way it used to be.

 The cool wet sand on the banks of Dogwood Lake felt good smooshing between his toes. “RORF RORF RORF” Earl quickly turned to see the bloodhound leaping wildly as he failed in catching one of many white butterflies in his mouth. It was a futile attempt, and one that had been tried for countless hours on countless days. All of a sudden the dog would drop to his belly, stealthy as a ninja then spring into action jaws snapping wildly as the butterflies circled his head. “Don't you think it’s time you gave up?” the not so old Earl hollered. The dog’s head cocked quickly right with his ears following shortly after. He began to run.  Even though the Bloodhound is one of the more intelligent breeds the slow motion gallop with the two long ears flopping in every direction make the breed seem a little goofy. When he had finally reached Earl he failed to reduce his speed, resulting in a collision dropping both to the ground. Earl laughed like a tickled child “What is wrong with you Red?’ Red began licking Earl’s face with his long wet sloppy tongue.

“Is it this the house right here?” Chris startled the old man.
“Yes, that’s it ” Earl gathered his belongings then started to pull the few remaining bills from his pocket.
“That wont be necessary Mr. Davenport it really was my pleasure,” Chris smiled and meant every word. Chris had become attached to the old man and felt pity every time he attempted to mask the pain in his heart. “Now you be careful. They say it’s tornado season again,” Chris called out as Earl exited the van and walked slowly towards his small brick house.
Earl opened the door and entered the living room.  Tarnished gold trophies lined the shelves. Switching on the light produced an amber hue to the wood paneling. Earl set down the 2 bags from the grocery and stood still for a moment. For 11 years the routine never swayed. Red would be waiting at the front door before the keys entered the tumbler.Today, and the 27 days prior Red did not greet the old man at the door. Earl dragged his feet as he walked towards the bedroom clutching the small white bag from Kenner Pharmacy. Next to the bed was a blue flannel blanket and on that blanket an old Bloodhound. Red lifted his head slowly as if it weighed 1000 pounds. Cancer had been attacking the cells of the dog and Earl knew each day it was getting a little worse. “It’s ok Red, I’m here for you.”  His knees cracked as he crouched next to the one that knew all his stories, the one that would spend countless days chasing white butterflies at Dogwood Lake. Earl extended his hand and began to scratch between Red’s ears. The black droopy eyes slowly closed enjoying the bliss of the old man’s touch.  Earl reached into the small white bag and pulled out the container with the Palladia. His hands trembled as he attempted to unscrew the white plastic top. Earl lifted Red’s head, pushed the jowels aside and inserted the Palladia into his mouth. Red struggled at first, but swallowed the pill.“That was twenty five dollars, so start feeling better ok ol’ buddy? Oh yeah I’ve got a surprise for you.” Earl started to rise to his feet but the searing pain returned. This was much stronger than the six episodes he had earlier. Earl leaned to one side as he dropped down to the floor. Both hands tightened up into fists. His jaw locked and he gritted his teeth. Red lifted his head and stared at Earl with concern. Earl remained on the floor for several more minutes, then grasping the end of the bed and the mahogany dresser he pulled himself up.
He was carefully cutting pieces of an “Elite Gold Pure Beef Hot Dog” in the kitchen. Several branches from a Dawn Redwood tree scratched and clawed at the window aggressively as the wind  began to blow. Earl shoveled the dissected pieces of hot dog into a small ceramic bowl. Earl returned to Red and once again kneeled down on the floor
“Look what I got for you buddy, Elite Gold Pure Beef Hot Dog. $7.50 for a bag of dogs. Is that absurd?’
Red lifted his head just enough to vacuum up the pieces of hot dogs.  The old man reached up and grabbed a pillow from the bed. He adjusted himself so that he could lay next to Red . He placed his hand on the dog’s belly and could feel the labored beat of his heart. Earl began to scratch Red’s chest. “So I had to sell the truck today. Yes, I know we both loved that truck. I met a decent fella too, named Chris. You would have liked him” Red drifted into a deep sleep followed by Earl. Even the strong winds that howled through the evening failed to wake either of them.
It hit sudden and it hit hard. It was called the biggest tornado to hit the South and it landed at 2:33 am. The funnel cloud flicked homes and cars as if they were pesky gnats. Towns that flourished with small shops, a post office and school, were all reduced to piles of wood and twisted steel. The carnage doubled as the tornado attacked Birmingham then Tuscaloosa. In 36 hours 67 people had been killed and thousands left homeless. The beast obliterated the small town of Dogwood from the map.The homes that dotted the lake vanished. Even the mighty Dawn Redwood trees had been discarded like used tooth picks. Chris heard the report on a portable radio which left his stomach feeling like it was filled with bleach. “The small town of Dogwood had no survivors.”
Earl awoke face down in a grass field. He slowly rolled over and was temporarily blinded by the sun. He was confused. He sat up and found himself on the banks of the Dogwood Lake. The sky had never been so blue. The smells of the Dawn Redwood, never sweeter. A sound in the distance made him spring to his feet. With the agility of a 19 year old running back Earl began running through the waist high crested wheat grass zigging and zagging through the daffodils. Earl was ambushed as the Bloodhound pounced on him knocking him over. Earl lifted his head in disbelief “RORF RORF RORF.”
The rest of the day Earl gazed at the sun’s reflection on the lake. Occasionally turning his head to see Red bouncing through the daffodils failing in every attempt to catch a white butterfly.

Chris made the morning coffee for the customers at Lake Chevrolet. He paused as he read the headline of the Wylie Weekly.
Dogwood Devastated Local Football Coach Killed in Tornado.

         I appreciate your comments

Monday, April 11, 2011

Why I'm messed up and a watered down CATHOUSE History lesson

I know I am very lucky to be where I am. I have a great house,family ,cars and motorcycles and what most people don't realize most of my income comes from my work in NASCAR. That's a whole other story. When you work in the carnivorous world of entertainment your biggest fear is not being relevant.
Add the fact that  actors and musicians are the most insecure people on the planet. Somehow we have found a way to be insecure and conceited at the same time. Don't ask me why but that's just the way it goes.

     We are all terrified of becoming a "Where are they now". We don't want to live in the past even if the past is really fuckin cool. I realize that even though the show ended in 1995 to many I will always be "The guy from Headbangers Ball" I used to hate the fact that no matter what career I ventured into I was still that guy from Headbangers. These days I wear it like a badge of honor. I am lucky that I have been able to move forward in my career rather than hang on like a relic, having nothing else but my past "Hey do you know who I used to be".

    I had told the story so many times I thought everyone knew it but what I failed to accept was how many years,no decades have gone by. I received several posts on twitter asking if the Cathouse was still open.

  The answer is no and for those of you that do not know what the Cathouse is here is a very watered down story. One day I will tell the whole story or at least what I can remember. Yes I am pasting this from the www.cathousehollywood.com website so even this was written 7 years ago

It was 1986, 4 years before I hosted Headbangers Ball on MTV or began to work on the radio. With no money I persuaded a bar to let me turn it into a dance club that would only play rock n roll. I wanted a place my friends could hang out at and hey if my roomate Taime and I could meet a few new girls that would be ok. Yeah lame but Im honest. The club said yes and the Cathouse was born.
The Cathouse was opened in 1986 in Hollywood I threw some vintage burlesque videos on the wall and asked Taime Downe (from Faster Pussycat) if he could help get the word out. I found Joseph Brooks of Vinyl Fetish fame and he became the DJ with his blend of 80's rock 70's glam and punk a mood was set. The club at that time was held at an old Disco on La Cienega. The club was a wreck. It was a risk just walking up the stairs but once up the stairs you found yourself in a Shangra la's of Decadence. The original idea was to just have a DJ.
The GRAND OPENING........sucked. However Lita Ford puked in the bathroom!
I kept it going to crowds of about 70-80. Every Tuesday night the crowds got a little bigger. Among that small crowd was Guns n Roses, Aerosmith, Motley Crue, Ted Nugent and more. So a bunch of girls heard that the bands were hanging out at the Cathouse so the woman began to show up actually outnumbering men. When that got around more bands started showing up....then some friends asked if they could play at the club for their EP record release party... I said yes. That band was called Guns n Roses. Then Taimes band Faster Pussycat wanted to play that night and so did LA GUNS and Jetboy! My first live performance at the Cathouse and those 4 bands played. Taime started focusing on his band and all I had was the Cathouse. With its reputation more and more bands wanted to play this so called rock dance.  It was getting out of hand. The Cathouse became the cool place to go. Axl would mention the club in interviews. Faster Pussycat recorded a song called Cathouse. Then media picked up on our little club  LA TIMES did a cover story called GUNS N ROSES and the CATHOUSE SCENE , Would you believe even NEWSWEEK wrote about the club. Many of the local bands were now selling millions of records but kept on playing at the Cathouse. Soon other bands asked to play here. Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, Motorhead, Megadeth, Alice Cooper, Danzig, Pearl Jam, Black Crowes, Junkyard, Primus, LA Guns, White Zombie, ICE T, Suicidal Tendencies, Pantera the list goes on and on.
For some reason we always had more women than men at the club. Believe it or not fashion magazines saw the women in their decadent attire and thought we were starting a worldwide trend. The Cathouse was featured in Women's Wear Daily and California Apparel News.
When the movie the "Decline of Western Civilization 2 - the Metal Years" wanted to capture the rock scene they did a whole segment on the Cathouse. BAM. More media attention. We also had a rule of not letting anyone take pictures in the club. That way everyone could feel at ease and not worry about it in the paper the next day. Does anyone remember the night Axl chased David Bowie down the street? How about Malcolm Forbes showing up on a Harley or Christina Applegate working coatcheck or Slash falling down the stairs taking a fake tree with him while he was wearing a Cathouse security shirt or how about Depeche Mode going to the Cathouse when the instore they had planned turned into a riot. They knew nobody would bug them at the Cathouse.
Needless to say the CATHOUSE truly became a part of rock history. The funny thing is the bands that played at the Cathouse are only a small part of what made Riki Rachtman's World Famous Cathouse...World Famous

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My first college writing assignment

April 6 2010- Deep down inside I think I have always wanted to be a writer. I have posted blogs before on My Space and I always paid attention to see how many readers I had. The comments were validation that I held the readers attention. When I do tv shows I'm a host but there are producers and camera men and thank god editors. Even a good tv segment never gave me the satisfaction of having 600 people read a blog I wrote. When I write for better or for worse it's all me.

    2 weeks ago I began a writing course at U.C.L.A. You need to understand I am not sure I even graduated  High School. I have a hard time focusing and never achieved a grade higher than a C. Usually it was a D or F. So the concept that I would actually sign up for a college course when I didn't have to  would seem pretty far fetched. I'm sure I will go into greater detail another time. There was a homework assignment. A homework assignment that was not mandatory. Did you hear me ? I didn't have to do it but I did. You may not understand the power of that statement. I did homework and I didn't even have to.

   The assignment was to describe my surroundings and start with the words "I remember". One problem I had was keeping the story under the set limit of 2 pages. So I gave it a shot and I really do appreciate your comments. My first writing assignment-

                                                   A Small Window of Blue Sky

            I remember the sun fighting its way through the many branches and leaves that intertwined like a road map above me. There was a small window of blue sky between the many branches of the Eucalyptus tree that stood shoulder to shoulder with the Elm and Oak fighting for possession of the earth and sky. Laurel Canyon Blvd is a congested 2-lane road that connects the over crowded San Fernando Valley to the carnivorous world known as Hollywood. This thoroughfare slithers through many trees as dense as one might find in the rainforests of Costa Rica. Where there is not a tree you will find homes of every shape size and monetary value.
      I stood in my front yard. A blanket of manicured grass in an area no bigger than a basketball court. My hand held out in the way one might use for a karate chop. Gripping the top finger were 2 grayish claws. Each  digit was the diameter of a pencil with talons the color of coal. The claws belonged to my African Grey Parrot Voodoo. He was 12 inches tall with feathers displaying every shade of gray. In stark contrast his tail feathers were a brilliant shade of red. Calling him a pet dilutes our bond. Friendship does not even scratch the surface. Voodoo was a part of me. If I was watching the Shield, Californication or any T.V. program related to NASCAR Voodoo was with there. There was even a perch in the shower. This bird had been by my side for 15 years. His vocal capabilities were astounding. Contrary to the white coats findings birds do more than mimic at least Voodoo did. He used words at appropriate moments whether it was calling each of the 4 animals in the house by name or just giving you a greeting when you walked into the room. He was the source of constant sound in the house. I had become used to the chirps, occasional shrieks and ever expanding vocabulary. The sound became as familiar as the sunlight as it filled up each room throughout the day. Every morning Voodoo was the first sound you heard and it gave the house a sense of playfulness and whimsy. I learned to take caution when the house would fall silent. It usually meant Voodoo had left his perch and was sneaking down the hall, staying close to the wall so not to be spotted. He would take great pleasure causing the scream only produced by a human stricken with the shock and slight pain of a beak being clamped on the naked toe.
     Badger my Australian Shepherd began his military like pace in front of the door signifying one thing. “Open the door or I’ll piss all over your precious hard wood floors”. I offered my hand to Voodoo and like he has routinely done for year’s climbed on to my outstretched finger. Badger, Voodoo and I walked down the stairs towards the front yard. Badger was much more brisk in his stride undoubtedly due to the urgency to relieve himself. While Badger proceeded to water the plants I brought my hand slowly in front of my face so that my feathered compadre and I were eye level. His eyes always cut through the stress that eats at me.
           A humongous dump truck barreled down the private road adjacent to my home. Large thick clouds of dust and exhaust escaped from beneath the truck like massive fists. The 2 ton steel monster lunged forward as the deafening sounds of small boulders in the payload slammed against its metal walls. The mammoth sized creature came to an abrupt stop.
        I remember the sun fighting its way through the many branches and leaves that intertwined like a road map above me. A small window of blue sky between the many branches of the Eucalyptus was filled with the silhouette of a startled bird soon to be swallowed up in the labyrinth of this urban jungle Once Voodoo had overcome the terrifying sound he was stricken with the fear of being struck by the rushing automobiles beneath him. He was experiencing this terror for the first time in his life. He began to fly higher escaping each new fear that confronted him until he was lost behind the thickness of the trees on Laurel Canyon forever

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Today kids its question & answer time with Riki yayyy Big F*#kn deal

Feb.9,2011  Ahhh what might have been. I had sat down started writing a big ass blog and then guess what? Before I could post it I deleted it on accident. I could tell you how it went though. It told my perspective on how....get this deep title........January is the September of my youth..... Deep huh? Come to think of it I will go back to that blog and post it later. I will also give the 1 month update on the list of 22 Things I will do in 2011

    So I could post something on this very rarely visited Blog page I asked you today via Twitter to ask a few questions. Nothing is off topic. Lets begin shall we

Out of all the stars you've interviewed in both Nascar and Music- who personally do you find the most inspirational?- Dustin Pari
Inspirational? Hmm off the top of my head I cant think of anybody now that would qualify as inspirational. I find inspiration from people that have overcome great adversity. Any person that starts from nothing to create something major on their own is inspirational. Speaking with Jerry Nadeau after his accident. I believe what Brian Vickers has been overcoming is inspirational.You have to be inspired by Rick Allen of Def Leppard .To be a drummer of one of the biggest rock bands in the world and lose an arm and decide Ya a drummer missing an arm I can still pull that off. That to me is inspirational. Or Thomas Rever the boy in Virginia who was born half man half carp. He wanted to run a marathon. His upper torso was much like any 13 year old boy but from the waist down  he had no legs just a scaly fish body leading to a big tail. It took him 3 hours to filp flop 2 miles and even though there were times when the cement was hot he would pick up a great amount of speed poor little Thomas never finished the Marathon or even 5 miles however he is still a big inspiration to me.

my hag tag needs a serious touch up (10 years old) who do you recommend for color ink? Diane in LA

I can only imagine a "Hag tag" is another name for a tramp stamp or a tattoo placed on the lower back. I assume you are not fond of your "HagTag" Yes I can tell you I have quite a few tattoos I am not fond of and I once went through laser treatment to have it removed. I will tell you. It hurt 10Xworse than a tattoo and if the job is really good you end up with nothing. A tattoo is not something you bargain shop with. Do you know how many times I have been offered a free tattoo ? I'm not sure real;ly but I know how many times I have said ok? NEVER
The artist that I recommend is Steve Godoy. It has nothing to do with Steve being one of my best friends. The truth is Steve is one of the best tattoo guys out there. He doesnt go out and hype himself trying for press. He is just a damn good guy with a foul mouth that can tell some good stories. He is at Outer Limits in Tustin CA. There are other artists I have used. Mark Mahoney at Shamrock is incredible and a new tattoo place opened in Studio City CA called Electric Victory.... Steve Godoy did this tattoo
 did you find your bird? - Indy voice
No I never found Voodoo. I still have his cages set up in my office and the living room. It's going on 5 months so maybe it is time for me to take the cages down,maybe not. I am so used to hearing him talk around the house. The silence is deafining  I never stopped looking and  it still hurts

 How is Badger feeling? - 4 greyz
What ya doing to me people ? Can I go back and talk about Carpboy? Badger has a heart condition and his breathing has been labored. He is on meds and it seems to me he is doing better. He really is an incredible dog. Purebred Australian Shepherd so damn smart. Ya I know everybody's dogs are the smartest well your wrong this time Badger is way smarter than your dog
Grammy sucks! -JunioJr
That may be the case but I never asked Grampy

how did you become involved in NASCAR? Caniac Nation
Perhaps it's because I was raised in the South. Ok Southern California. I have always had a passion for NASCAR. I am what some say fanatical. The sport did not come after me to see if I was interested in working with them. I went after NASCAR. One day I was walking down the bleachers and decided I AM GOING TO GET A JOB IN NASCAR. I worked my ass off and it was not easy. I never gave up and eventually worked my way in.The story is much longer and I'll tell you all another day.

you should answer all the questions in a video and then post that on your written blog. U haven't done 1 in a long time!-Angerlaa
Better yet in 3D. Truth is more and more I am developing the perfect look for someone that writes instead of cams

What was the best thing about hosting Headbangers Ball?-PsiAngelic
Lets remember one important thing. I am not a critic or a musician. I am a rock fan. I had the opportunity to work with every rock band ever. I also got to travel all over the world. Queensryche in England , Danzig in Germany,  Megadeth in Brazil  Michael Monroe in Japan.
What was the best thing about hosting the Headbangers Ball. I would say getting to host the Headbangers Ball

what's easier, interviewing rock stars or Nascar drivers? smkfan14 
I like interviewing anyone that listens to the question and gives an answer. I'll be honest with you. I honestly believe I am one of the best in the business. Of course I didn't start that way. I was horrible in my first years on MTV and deserved all the criticism I received. I hate attitudes in anyone. No big surprise a lot of Rock stars have Rock star mentality. These days a few of the drivers have a rock star mentality too. 2 drivers come to mind right now. The truth is and you may not like the answer. I prefer to interview drivers. A matter of fact it is one of my favorite things to do. If a driver believes he is doing me a great favor I wont interview him. I want to talk to the driver that listens to what I say then responds. I personally feel SPEED TV really missed the boat not letting me do in depth interviews with drivers. If your curious what drivers have been the best to work with
Tony Stewart tops the list. I dont ask him the same questions so I NEVER get a generic answer. Tony tells you exactly how he feels .

what's your best childhood memory? Angelaa
Sorry to say I really have a bad memory .Much of my childhood years I was raised by wolves so I would be forced to run through the Angeles Crest forest at night looking for food. At one point I lived in Van Nuys and remember hanging out when I was very young to watch the cars cruise by Van Nuys Blvd I remember watching Evel Knievel jump at the LA Colosieum. Most of my youth was spent skateboarding. I dont believe people realize the impact on youth the culture of skateboarding has had through the decades

 best concert ? David Malamut
 It is so hard for me to say best. I saw Supersuckers at the Roxy and Willie Nelson got on stage with them. Every rock band you can think of played my club the Cathouse. One night Guns n Roses played for hours at the Forum. My first punk show was Black Flag (Keith singing) Fear and the Germs at the HOng Kong Cafe. I could go on with every music genre too.You see I love muisc and dont want to pigeonhole myself in to one specific genre

I hate to stop now considering there are a lot more questions that I need to answer. I'll write them  all down and answer another time. Thanks again for playing along.
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