Explanation of what this is

There are hundred's of waiters that call themselves actor's. That guy making your soy frappucino is a musician. You know that because he tell's you almost daily. So from this day forward I will call myself a writer. I may make money on the television and radio but I am choosing to call myself a writer.
From what I can tell in order to call myself a "writer" I need to do one thing.......write

Ive been blessed to have so many jobs from MTV's Headbangers Ball , WCW Wrestling,NASCAR TV & Radio host, Creator of some of the most succesful nightclubs in L.A mainly the CATHOUSE,3 years on Loveline,Talk Radio Host, reality shows from Daisy of Love, Charm School and the Rock of Love Reunions. Ive seen some of my friends become the biggest rock stars in the world. I have interviewed 1000's of the most unique people from sports and entertainment. Ya the boasting is making me sick too.
Ive also lost everything, filed for bankruptcy and had to get a job as a car salesman just to keep the lights on. That is what I do and what I have done but that is not who I am.

One more thing. Kid's or very sensitive folk should not read my blog's just in case I say something a tad risque.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Oh you did not know I have a few dark chapters. When Talk is just for Shock

Jan 17 2010. - Its funny if people knew nothing about me and only read my blogs I would be thought of as a pretty messed up guy. Ive learned a lot of lessons in life. Ive had it and lost it and I would not change a thing.For 7 years I would be on stage for Chevrolet in front of hundreds of kids. I had 6 year olds listening to me and I loved it Working with NASCAR I have worked with all ages and it makes no difference to me. Treat someone with respect and you will get the same. I have had many dark times in my life and I have been told that it is best to leave that in the past because it could hurt my chances working with certain networks. It was my past and I learn from my past and ........I'll stop back peddling now. Ya see kids many years back I was part of a very successful radio show called LOVELINE. It was Dr Drew and I.Taking phone calls giving advice for years. I have nothing but good memories when it comes to that show. At one point I felt like I needed to broaden my horizons and I left the highly rated show to create RIKI RACHTMAN RADIO on a newly formed talk station in Los Angeles.

The station was getting huge ratings 99% due to Howard Stern. I'll give you a watered down version.............. The Triple R began getting great ratings. It was my show and I had every guest you could imagine from Quentin Tarentino to Joe Frazier, any band, any actor, anybody with a story to tell. The station pretty much gave me the freedom to do what I wanted and I appreciated that.

True I did cause a lot of trouble. This was about 15 years ago First day on air we performed a live genital piercing. A few months later I stole the stations van that was used for live remotes and started broadcasting driving down the Sunset Strip. We created a hoax regarding a small reptile found on Mars that was so popular and believable that I once again got in trouble.

. Although I had been sober for over 10 years at the time I was having a hard time. It was not the  staying clean part  but dealing with the stress I had put on myself. I was never satisfied . .I was also in a relationship that at times was..........not  good.I was a wreck inside at home and work. Even with the ratings of my radio show on the increase I slowly started sinking into a grey state. I was (cop out coming) suffering from depression big time.

There were a couple of guys on the station that made it their mission to try to rip me to shreds when ever they were on the mic.They would attack me and my listeners because as we all know the bad stuff goes much further in the media.
The talk radio hosts who shall remain anonymous even though their names are Conway and Steckler went on and on. The final straw was
a line about the girl I was dating( did I leave out the part she had worked in porn) and how I should die and be damned to hell . It actually was much more evil than that.

Even though I have been working in the " media" for most of my life I have never thought of myself as a tv, radio guy. I never thought of myself as a celebrity truly Im just me with a rather unique job. When someone makes threats to me, threats that insinuate violence I take it seriously. I do not come from a place that teaches that radio threats are all parts of a bit. Its shock jockery. Anything I have ever said on the radio would be the same thing I would say in person. I am me on tv on the radio in the streets whether you like it or not.....

Everything had built up inside with the depression at home, the stress etc. I was feeling at an all time low. The  dj's continued to verbally assault me until I could not take anymore. I went to the station and beat the shit out of them.. I went to jail and was fired from KLSX.When I was released from jail  later that evening every news media was there and it was the lead story on the TV news. Today that would probably lead to my own reality show.......I have no ill will towards the Conway and Steckler team. They acted wrong and so did I. I saw them a few years ago and everything was cool. I wish them both nothing but the best..... KLSX fired me and I even understood that.

They did let me come back about 6 years ago and do my own radio show late Saturday night called "The Ball". It was great I played any kind of music I wanted. I had guests from Rob Halford to Dio to Scott Ian. I would play Black Flag, Slipknot, MC5,Supersuckers, Ramones,Faster Pussycat.Slayer,Pantera, Cramps Misfits damn it was fun .. I could play anything and I did..The pay was crap but I really wanted to do the show....The bummer was they had this idiot board op that would threaten me every night. A total clown. Being much smarter I knew violence was NOT the solution. I told the stations program director about the situation and he did nothing. This guy told me he wanted to clobber me, choke me out bla bla bla while he was sitting 5 feet from me right in front of my face while I was on the air. He was such a joke but had a plan he wanted me to hit him so I would get fired again...I didnt. The station would not switch him even though he made threats it went on for weeks. Lesson learned I walked away.  I quit and the station really didnt care anyways......... KLSX is off the air....I am not happy about it. I'm not sad....I feel bad for anybody that is out of work...Ive been there I know what its like. I love talk radio and wish there was a place on the dial for it........

During that time my finances began to dwindle so instead of waiting for the next big tv or radio job. I decided to go out and get a job..I started selling cars..I didn’t know what else to do. It was tough let me tell you.. Wearing a tie and having someone come up and ask if I was the guy from Headbangers Ball and my reply was “Yes can I show you this Jetta” Not only was the job very humbling but I was terrible. I ws not making any money but I kept trying….. I get frustrated with people that refuse to work. Do something hey even Starbucks has a health plan. It was so hard for me to come off a tv and radio show with a nice 6 figure income to start filling out job applications while I filed for bankruptcy.There used to be a pathetic radio host called  Tom Leykis and he heard that I was no longer on the radio so he began to attack and insult me on the air…Telling his audience what a loser I was because I was a car salesman after leaving radio and how I had to get a job. HEY PORKY most people have real jobs. Are they losers??? Is a loser a guy that had a huge show then had to get a normal job…I think a loser is a man that doesn’t work or at least does not TRY to get work.


Funny side note not long after I was at an LA KINGS exhibition game in Las Vegas… What were the odds. His seats were right in front of me 1 row down… It was pretty funny you could tell that he was really scared. Of me a 5’9 not so big guy…Gayle knew what my gut told me to do but I learned my lesson…I could not pay attention to the game because my blood was boiling…
Finally I tapped him on the shoulder and he turned around smiling “Oh hi”
I looked him dead in the eye not 3 feet from that enourmous head and said. “Tom do you have a problem with me something you wanted to say” He started squirming then answered. “ Oh no no no it was just radio I didn’t mean anything” He couldn’t even look me in the eye. “I thought so” I said not smiling… He then got up to leave…..He couldn’t even say it to my face…Couldn’t cop to it…..People it was really kinda sad……

 I was and am not ashamed. I am never too big to go get a normal job. I’m just not so good at it… Years passed and I never gave up. Obviously the past few years have been the best of my career and in this economy I am truly blessed to have lots of toys, a big house and a little more knowledge.

Yes I should have given you more detail but if I ever do write a book thats another dark chapter

Friday, January 7, 2011

Benefits of being a drug addict,plus Cathouse T winner,

Jan 7 2010 - Did I actually have a twitter contest just to lure you here to check out my BIG ASS BLOG. Sort of. I have a lot to spew on this one so I'm hoping you read it. First lets get the contest out of the way. On Twitter I asked you to guess how far I would run in 90 minutes. Closest to the distance would get a free CATHOUSE T. In 90 minutes I ran 9.3 miles so we have a tie with a guess of 9.5 miles TheHusbrat and DCXn24fan will each get a free Cathouse shirt from www.cathousehollywood.com I will DM both of you and get your info. I ended up getting lost and kept on running to get back. I ran a 1/2 marathon today 13.1 miles in 2 hours and 8 minutes. No that is not the norm for me and I could not be more stoked which leads me to the topic of
( you will learn I am very open on these blogs sometimes without thinking of the consequences )

Benefits of Being a Drug Addict- Here is something you may not have known about Riki. I dont mention it much but I am a drug addict and an alcoholic. I have been sober 22 years. The last time I used drugs or had booze was 1988. That's right not even a drop of beer since then. You might not have known that for several reasons. I dont talk about it and if youve seen me out you know I have done some pretty whacked out things in my day so you probably assumed I was high...NOPE. All through Headbangers Ball I was sober. If you heard about the story of me shitting my pants and being passed out on Hollywood Blvd that time I was drunk. I did stop at a very young age but I also started at a young age. Legend has it I was given joint at the age of 4. I tried cocaine when I was 14. One more reason you wouldn't think I was sober is I am the first one to buy a round for my friends. Some of my closest bro's drink a lot and act silly and I would not change a thing. I like to hang out with people that have a little buzz on and sometimes it makes me feel the same way. I dont preach sobriety however I am there when someone needs help. Hey if you have a drink smoke a little herb and it works for you thats cool.I wont ever put you down for it.. I just happen to be born with that addictive gene.

      Yes there really is a gene that drug addicts and alcoholics have. I will always have it so I can not drink or do drugs. That being said there are benefits of being a sober drug addict. You see that gene doesnt go away. It is always there and sometimes it manifests itself in other ways. I can not do anything half assed. I always want and need faster,better,bigger.
Today is a perfect example. I went for a run. I started running around 5 years ago. I have never ever been an athlete and didn't play sports so the whole running thing itself is still weird. I wanted to see how far I could run in 90 minutes. I have no clue the last time I ran that far but I will tell you it is years.

  90 minutes I had run 9.3 miles but I was still far from where I started. Some people would have just walked back but no I kept on running. When I got to the place I had started I was beat up and sore but had run 11 miles. Something I should be really proud of but no  my addict gene wouldn't let me. Hell 2.1 miles more and it's a half marathon. faster better  bigger so I kept on running. I could go on and on with how being an addict and being sober had pushed me on to greater tasks  some positive some not. I need a motorcycle and that will make everything right.......Then I need another motorcycle......I need a  faster car etc etc. more tattoos. I could go on but I am in fear that this sounds really preachy so I'll stop. So now you know a little bit more about Riki and there is a strong chance some of the things I write could hurt me in getting another job but if it does........That's just stupid......By the way I do party I just dont drink or do drugs...

I would dig on reading your comments so post them here and if you like my blog's please spread the word.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

A 3yr old bad review & blog will show u who I am

Jan 6 2011. I understand most of you are not familiar with my writing and do not know what to expect with this blog. Will it be my take on NASCAR's crew chief changes or how bitchen (insert band here) was back in the day. The truth is its ramblings of a mind that is all over the place. I speak openly without thinking about the consequence. I found this blog today dated APRIL 2009. It was from a no name writer who is not a Riki fan. I am used to it. I get criticized for my varied musical tastes, I'm not Metal, Why am I on NASCAR. Ive been getting so many slams for decades. Some of them are hilarious.

 I would love to tell you I'm teflon and everything bounces off but sometimes I let the ignorant get to me. Sometimes I lash out in a blog. Here is a review of Daisy of Love before the show even aired. I was emailed this review probably from the writer himslef
Stunningly, the biggest whore on the upcoming Daisy of Love (VH1; Sunday, April 26) probably isn’t titular star Daisy De La Hoya, the rejected cartoon stripper from Season 2 of Rock of Love With Bret Michaels. Nor is it any of the 20 Axe-soaked himbos vying to lavish their affections and/or DNA upon Miss Daisy.

Hell, it’s not even the producers and executives at Vile Horror 1, who keep recycling these reality-dating shows to the point where we’ll actually be disappointed if they don’t make 
Spector of Love when ol’ Phil gets out of jail.

No,  once-upon-a-time Headbangers’ Ball host Riki Rachtman as VH1’s new Alpha ’Ho. He only got his MTV job in the ’90s because he knew Guns N’ Roses’ Axl Rose (he was a rock star, kids), and everything Rachtman has done since then (from Hollywood club owner to NASCAR radio host—yes, NASCAR radio host) has less to do with talent than a limber gag reflex.
The Rachster’s induction to the ’ho new world of Vaginal Hubbub 1 came last year, when he hosted the “reunion” (read: “staged catfight”) special for Rock of Love 2; he then went on to co-host Rock of Love Charm School with Sharon Osbourne, as well as last weekend’s Rock of Love Bus reunion (read: “obviously staged catfight”). Apparently, he’s impressed/serviced someone at VH1 enough to land a sidekick role on Daisy of Love—a Big John to Daisy’s Bret, if you will.
This was my reply remember it was 2009  Why would I  bring this up...Well first of all its written by a critic. Actors act...writers write...musicians play music and if you cant do any of those things you become a critic this was written by this little dweeb named Bill Frost...THis guy writes for a Salt Lake City Internet site. He has been working for a local paper for decades. THATS IT.. Thats all this guy has done. Do you know what the biggest most read item in his entire career is.  MY BLOG. More people will read his name here than anything he has ever written......EVER.....Why would I mention a NO NAME BITCH CRITIC... Only to like the blog says "reintroduce myself" and Bill has brought up a few good points...
Club owner- Yup at a very young age I created the BEST ROCK CLUB IN HISTORY.
The world famous Cathouse. I also ran the Bordello for a while..Both my creation very popular.. The Cathouse to this day sells t shirts world wide and there has been a project to bring the back story of the Cathouse to film for a few months now...
Yes I got the job hosting HEADBANGERS BALL because of the Cathouse and it may have helped that Axl Rose walked into the audition with me...I hosted the Ball for 5 years....
As stated before I am a Nascar freak so I wanted to work in the sport that I have a passion for and I do...Now Im doing these shows that VH1 has asked me to do...Do you know why I do them #1 Its fun I really have a blast doing them # 2 I get paid for having fun...Of course Billy would rather stay in Salt Lake writing for his internet fanzine. He would never want to do any of these jobs right.....
Heres the capper and a message that I want to convey to all those that talk shit...
I won...I won do you know why I won..... I have a lot of jobs that I really enjoy doing...I cant wait to go to work...Oh yeah. I get  money for all my jobs.
Perhaps this nerd really wants to be a writer in Salt Lake City as he has been for over a decade. If thats his goal congrats to you missy.
Not only am I having fun. There are new avenues opening up for me to try new things I have not had the chance to do. Like writing, producing doing something nobody would ever expect me to do...
Its like this.I get paid for doing what I love I'll give you an example
Lets say somebody offered Bill a job sucking dick...How happy he would be. Getting paid for something he loves to do and probably does for free,

Ouch that was kind of harsh Riki. So nice to know that the Riki of 2011 is so different than the Riki of 2009. Ok welcome to my blog please follow it and spread the word.
Chick o sticks for all 

22 Things I will do in 2011

Well RACPAC I have finally completed my list of 22 things I will do in 2011.

 If your still having trouble coming up with your own here are a few guidelines that seem to help I urge you to post your list in the comment section of this blog so you know it is always here. I may update the status of my list every month or so. I really am stoked some of you are into this and because of your comments and the  fear of coming off like a total hypocrite  I now have even more incentive to fulfill my 22 list. What  about the mysticism of number 22. Cmon you know I don’t buy that Hippie crap. If your still having trouble coming up with your own here are a few guidelines that seem to help 
It is important to include several no-brainer fun things. Make Pancakes,Play guitar hero,go to a movie alone, watch a foreign film. Most important  is to
Be specific !!!! 
Example : I want to find true love......First of all you cant go find it  and usually what you thought was true love wasn’t in the first place. too vague. You could put  go out on five dates. / 
PLay guitar 7 hours a week. I would change that one as well. What if you cant play one week or only manage 5 hours. Dont set yourself up for possibly making a mistake. I  would put play guitar 1000 hours in 2011 and just mark off the hours.  I didn’t put  run 20 miles a week, sometimes I run more what if Im riding across the country and dont run for two weeks. I didn’t want to look at that list and make an asterisk by a certain week. I put run 611 miles  that way I will check them off as I go.  I would stay away from putting tasks that are beyond your control. I’m all for positive thinking but as I’ve said before I don’t fall for that “Secret” stuff.  I would like another TV show, I would like to be working in NASCAR next year on TV. I put on my list  pitch a show create, new ideas  and put the tools and tasks  it would take to achieve those goals on the list. It is also important to make a list that you realistically will complete... 

So heres mine and feel free to post yours in the comment section

Monday, January 3, 2011

What about the 35 I was supposed to do in 2010

JAN 4 2010 Ok where was I ? Last posting I was trying to motivate myself and others in creating a list of things you must do in 2011. I was looking back on my reasoning for creating such a list last year. Here I was spewing all these positive thoughts like a big happy positive motivational clown. Truth is many of you did follow my lead and when it came right down to it my personal list fell apart. Let's recap last year first. After all my rules on what does or does not make sense on a list this is what I came up with for 35 things to do in 2010

#1 RUN 500 miles did it...I think I lost track but have ran 300 miles since July so I will say thats a yes I have a more acurate way to keep record for 2011 I'll go into that next blog 
#2 READ 4 books NOPE
#3 FIGHT 1 organized boxing match Yes using the word organized and boxing loosely
# 4 FIGHT 7 sparring matchesYes I bled and drew blood. 
#5 RUN 1 5kYes
#6 RUN 1 half marathon NOPE
#7 RIDE Harley 5000 miles Switched bikes mid year but put 4000 miles on it Aug/Sept I'll say yes
#8 RIDE Triumph 1000 miles Lost track probably
#9 SELL 50 items on Ebay If I count all the Cathouse shirts....yes
#10 RACE 2 stock car races I dont think that happened
#11 CREATE 1 New radio show idea Ya created the idea but found out I'm not allowed to do another radio show because of my contract last year
#12 PITCH  1 New radio show see above
#13 WRITE 100 pages of F.I.G. Probably the biggest fuck up of 2010 was my lack of writing. I know this is something I really need to do so I'll make sure to add it on this years list
#14 WRITE 10 pages of S.P fiction It's a pretty cool idea I'll share with you another time but I did not even muster out 10 pages
#15 FILM 3 tv shows I have this little rule about lists like this. Try not to put a task that is beyond your control. I can try to get work on tv this year and no matter how hard I try not get hired however when ever I put film a certain amount of tv shows on my list it happens. I Lucked out on this one by getting booked on the series "Fast Track to Fame in Feb plus I had an appearance or 2 on Speed TV and did several VH1 specials. For the record I have turned down shows and I have also done shows I wish I turned down.
#16 WRITE 12 Big Ass Blogs Ya that has never been much of a problem
#17 SELL 1 style of Cathouse shirt in high end chain That was a bullshit deal that ended up turning out the wrong way but it was for the better. I have always held the Cathouse brand very tightly. I have had to call lawyers when the name is used without permission. A high end t shirt company that makes vintage tee's had a plan to sell the original Cathouse shirt in Bloomngdales, Neiman Marcus etc. The idea was to use a picture of Axl wearing the shirt as the hang tag. No surprise Axl would not agree to their terms and in the long run I like having control of my merchandise
#18 CLEAN R.P.R.Nope
#19 CLEAN Garage It was a much bigger task than I thought it would be but I did it
#20 GOLF 3 times You may think that would be a stupid thing to put on a list. The reasoning behind it would be I would be forced to take a day off or 3 days and go golf. I have been accused of working to much. I am not a golfer. I have gone a few times and even though I really suck I have a good time. Doesnt matter though I didn't golf once
#21 MC 2 big events I had a few Chevy gigs but more importantly I was the host for the Freestyle MotoX Awards. I really had a blast at that one. I am by no means a comedian and have never claimed to be but I can tell you this. When I am on stage talking to a crowd of several thousand and they all start laughing by a comment Ive made. That my friend is instant gratification. I can also tell you what it is like standing in front of several thousand death metal fans in Wisconsin as they proceed to tell you just how much you suck. 
#22 GO 5 auditions I hate auditions I hate the word,I hate actors, I hate playing the game, However its what I sometimes do for a living so I sucked it up
#23 WRITE 1 New pilot 
#24 PITCH 1 New pilotYa I did both #23 and #24 with a NASCAR show nothing happened. I even flew to North Carolina to meet with NASCAR, I dont get some of their decisions but I will tell you I have been busy making the rounds already this year. See I'm doing that Hollywood talk I despise so much
#25 RAISE $3,000 charity Did several charity events but personally did not raise $3,000 which bums me out. Ive always raised quite a bit of cash. Ive written 10,000 checks twice. This year I plan on donating a major portion of the proceeds of the Cathouse 25th Anniversary
#26 TAKE 4 computer classes took zero
#27 LEARN 50 spanish words no thats spanish right?
#28 CHANGE oil on Triumph myself Yes I did this one and changed the oil in the Z06 and Range Rover. Doesnt sound like much but I used to have someone else do it. I will tell you this. We sold the Range right after that because they build the things so you cant do any work on them your self. I get jealous that my friends can build and rebuild cars and bikes. I hope to become more of a wrench this year
#29 FILM 12 Rikicams I may have lost interest but plan to record some new ones this year
#30 WRITE New bio I am getting bored replying to my list of last year Ya I wrote a stupid bio
#31 PITCH Spokesperson gig  I know its checked off my list but I dont remember .Im so particular when it comes to companies I associate myself with, I had been with Chevy for 7 years which made total sense because I am a Chevy guy and the people I was working for . If I do an event for RockStar Energy drink it is because I use the product and think they are good people. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZboring so far
#32 ATTEND 5 yoga classes What the hell was I thinking. I may have had 5 yogurts but did not take a Yoga class
#33 RUN Runyon stairs -5:30 This one was really tough. Its a bunch of stairs on a really steep hill. I finally made it in 5:24 and have not been back there since.
#34 Attend an NFL game Believe it or not I had never been to a football game. Thanks to my friend Kerry from Sprint I saw the Panthers play the Saints last year. I had a  blast. They even won. Since that game last year they have won 2 times. Oh by the way Im the new coach for the Panthers
#35 Win an online Call of Duty Game I think the Panthers win more times than I do playing online video games I SUCK. No really  Im terrible.  I have an Xbox 360 and play call of duty .  I love that game I’m also one of the worst players out there. I dont care. So  one day I played several hours straight and finally I won online . Ya  I didn’t say everything on my list was important. my gamer tag is CATHOUSE86  so if you play video games  you can join me and tell all your friends you  killed Riki Rachtman  72 times.
Last year it was all about the 35 list. For 2011 Im changing my list to 22 things I must do and I am really going to complete every item on my list. When I did it last year  the idea really took off and many of you followed me by doing a list yourself Please feel free to post your list on this page under comments  In fear of coming off like a total hypocrite  I now have even more incentive to fulfill my 22 list. You have to understand  this is not the type of thing that I would normally do.  Its very “good”  I've always thought I was one of the bad people. I like being one of the bad people. this isn’t very metal it’s not very punk rock, ya know what. it is what it is and like they say the ends justify the means..... whatever that means. SO HERES YOUR HOMEWORK
Make a list of 22 things you will accomplish in 2011. I'll post some guidelines that might help tomorrow 

Sunday, January 2, 2011

First blog of 2011 - Look Behind Now look ahead. Now look at me. Im on a horse

3rd day of the NEW YEAR 2011 - So if this whole blog thing I'm starting wasn't confusing enough already let's see if I can throw something else in the mix. As I wrote earlier everything you are reading in red is current,then I post blogs from the past in black. To make it even more confusing I'll even  blog about the future today. The future being 2011which I guess really isn't the future now is it? Today I want to talk about mine and hopefully your to do list of 2011. Let me preface all of this by saying. I do not claim to have all the answers. Actually I'm not sure if I have an answer sometime. I am far from a motivational speaker or life coach. How could I be I am one of the most screwed up folks you will meet. Last year I had an idea to make a list of 35 things to do in 2010. It all started with this blog
12/31/2009 For those of you that really know me you know I can be pretty hard on myself. I'm not one to brag about how great I think I am on television or radio but when it comes to writing I am proud of what I write . I really appreciate your comments .To me writing is far more personal than anything else I do. I pull no punches for better or for worse  I write like I talk and if you ever heard a conversation with a typical ADD nutcase your about to now. I am all over the place. I’ll start writing thinking Im about to tell a story about one topic them somebody jingles some keys by me and I'm on to something new. I hope you can follow me on my many rants. When I began typing the following blog my idea was to tell you why I feel like the “Gluttony” victim of the movie 7 as I finish my last slimy bite of Cinnabun. Who knows where I’ll end up. Try to follow along ok? What is it they say about March?. It comes in like a lion and out like a lamb. 2009 came in like a lion with the Daisy of Love show then went out like a lamb with a screwed up back and flu like symptoms for almost 3 months. During the last few months of 09 I developed Bronchitis and was sick with headaches and the usual feel like crap problems. I went to the Dr several times and was prescribed the gamete of antibiotics. I am not going to start a political debate here but the cost of medicine is way out of hand. Did you know there are prescribed drugs that cost $140 in America and that same drug is, $80 in Canada or a couple bucks in New Delhi. Riddle me that Batman. Needless to say the drugs didnt work. I stayed sick for a long time. Someone suggested oil of oregano. You know I dont go for that hippy homeopathic crap but I gave it a shot.. Tasted like shit even after 4 drops were diluted in half a glass of water. I gave off an odor like a Greek Salad. Slowly I started to feel better. Who knows maybe it was the Oregano maybe it was just time. 

     A little over a month ago I developed Sciatica which is a sharp pain in your back. Many times it travels down to the front of your leg too. I am not a believer of better living through drugs so I didnt want to go the pain pill route. I saw a Chiropractor 2 times. Not only did it not help I dont think Ill ever go see one again. If I want to hear things crack Ill step on a few Pringles. I tried the massage. I’m not a big fan of massages either. One plus is that we live in a society that when a man gets a massage and insists its by a woman the wives and girlfriends have no problem with it. Thank god. Its not a sexual thing I assure you but I never had a massage from a man I wouldnt. Usually a woman would not  be concerned about a another woman massaging her man HOWEVER. No man’s gonna massage my wife. Double standards? No way Its part of the Circle of Life right ? Remember when in the Lion King Simba was in the field missing his father. Mufasa appeared to young Simba as a constellation of stars and I recall him stating that part of the Circle of Life is that every animal has its place and it was not ok for a dude to massage NALA.

You are noticing what I mentioned before about the rambling and detours my writing takes. That was supposed to be a blog regarding then end of 2009 and why we are making this grand to do list. I'll skip ahead to that part. Try to use these guidelines when you make your list. Ok back to New Years Eve 2009

 I decided I would not make a list of New Years Resolutions.  Resolutions can be so vague. They never go into specifics so many times its hard to pinpoint if you really stayed with your resolutions or not. The word  resolution means a firm decision to do or not do something but many times we put down items like Treat my boyfriend better,Exercise more, Get a new job. Its is of my belief that those are not really tangible things to put down. Thats why I made a list. A very strict list, with items that are 100% in my control Here are some of the Resolutions I suggest NOT putting on your list and why they dont work.

  • treat someone better,be more forgiving etc.  What do you exactly mean by better and what if that person becomes a total jackass? Do you keep on trying to treat them better? Too vague

    exercise more?  How much is more ? I suggest putting go to the gym 50 times on your list or jog 100 times. I put run 500 miles. Ive done 10 so far

     Get a better job   Thats not in your control. Oh I know all those “Secret” reading self help books will tell you IT IS IN YOUR CONTROL !!! but is it really ?Is it possible to do everything you can to get that “better job” and nothing will happen ? Sure it is. Case and point NASCAR. I took a few meetings in Charlotte  to discuss working back on television. I know I’m good at it and I think something will come up soon. If it doesnt at least I know I did everything I could. I say you make a list and include write a better resume then add to the list fill out 5 applications for jobs I would prefer to have. Thats 2 right there. Ya put it out there and then at least you know you have done everything you can to get a better job

    Drink less So when do you check that one. Jan 1 2011. Will you count the beers or shots? How about Spend 30 weekends with out drinking.

    Strict huh.
    Any item on your list that uses the word more or less should be changed to a number. Something you can check off. If you choose a number of tasks 20,30  Throw in at least a dozen fun things that you know you will be able to accomplish.Things that are fun. I need to do this because Im a workaholic. Tasks like  Bowl 4 times , Host a Superbowl party, visit my parents, Finish an entire video game

    Let me stop for one second. Your probably saying. Who the hell does Riki think he is.? What all of a sudden I’m some self help guru?. Soon I’ll be pitching a book  or suggest a website to begin building a better you.Hell no. I’m making this shit up as I go. I’m writing this stuff for me. I need to try a different approach for this year. Does it work? Who knows but if you think about it  it probably will. Gayle was all into “The Secret” you would do things like right something you want on a paper and stick it under your pillow. Put the positive thoughts out there bla bla bla. I’m all for positive thinking but. Im going to take the steps needed to MAKE IT HAPPEN- MIH
    That was what I posted going into the New Year. It turned out 35 was a tough number and many of my tasks were not completed. I'll explain that in my next BIG ASS BLOG. In the mean time think of 22 things you will do in 2011. Please feel free to comment and spread the word about this blog page. Oh congrats if you read this whole thing