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There are hundred's of waiters that call themselves actor's. That guy making your soy frappucino is a musician. You know that because he tell's you almost daily. So from this day forward I will call myself a writer. I may make money on the television and radio but I am choosing to call myself a writer.
From what I can tell in order to call myself a "writer" I need to do one thing.......write

Ive been blessed to have so many jobs from MTV's Headbangers Ball , WCW Wrestling,NASCAR TV & Radio host, Creator of some of the most succesful nightclubs in L.A mainly the CATHOUSE,3 years on Loveline,Talk Radio Host, reality shows from Daisy of Love, Charm School and the Rock of Love Reunions. Ive seen some of my friends become the biggest rock stars in the world. I have interviewed 1000's of the most unique people from sports and entertainment. Ya the boasting is making me sick too.
Ive also lost everything, filed for bankruptcy and had to get a job as a car salesman just to keep the lights on. That is what I do and what I have done but that is not who I am.

One more thing. Kid's or very sensitive folk should not read my blog's just in case I say something a tad risque.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Benefits of being a drug addict,plus Cathouse T winner,

Jan 7 2010 - Did I actually have a twitter contest just to lure you here to check out my BIG ASS BLOG. Sort of. I have a lot to spew on this one so I'm hoping you read it. First lets get the contest out of the way. On Twitter I asked you to guess how far I would run in 90 minutes. Closest to the distance would get a free CATHOUSE T. In 90 minutes I ran 9.3 miles so we have a tie with a guess of 9.5 miles TheHusbrat and DCXn24fan will each get a free Cathouse shirt from www.cathousehollywood.com I will DM both of you and get your info. I ended up getting lost and kept on running to get back. I ran a 1/2 marathon today 13.1 miles in 2 hours and 8 minutes. No that is not the norm for me and I could not be more stoked which leads me to the topic of
( you will learn I am very open on these blogs sometimes without thinking of the consequences )

Benefits of Being a Drug Addict- Here is something you may not have known about Riki. I dont mention it much but I am a drug addict and an alcoholic. I have been sober 22 years. The last time I used drugs or had booze was 1988. That's right not even a drop of beer since then. You might not have known that for several reasons. I dont talk about it and if youve seen me out you know I have done some pretty whacked out things in my day so you probably assumed I was high...NOPE. All through Headbangers Ball I was sober. If you heard about the story of me shitting my pants and being passed out on Hollywood Blvd that time I was drunk. I did stop at a very young age but I also started at a young age. Legend has it I was given joint at the age of 4. I tried cocaine when I was 14. One more reason you wouldn't think I was sober is I am the first one to buy a round for my friends. Some of my closest bro's drink a lot and act silly and I would not change a thing. I like to hang out with people that have a little buzz on and sometimes it makes me feel the same way. I dont preach sobriety however I am there when someone needs help. Hey if you have a drink smoke a little herb and it works for you thats cool.I wont ever put you down for it.. I just happen to be born with that addictive gene.

      Yes there really is a gene that drug addicts and alcoholics have. I will always have it so I can not drink or do drugs. That being said there are benefits of being a sober drug addict. You see that gene doesnt go away. It is always there and sometimes it manifests itself in other ways. I can not do anything half assed. I always want and need faster,better,bigger.
Today is a perfect example. I went for a run. I started running around 5 years ago. I have never ever been an athlete and didn't play sports so the whole running thing itself is still weird. I wanted to see how far I could run in 90 minutes. I have no clue the last time I ran that far but I will tell you it is years.

  90 minutes I had run 9.3 miles but I was still far from where I started. Some people would have just walked back but no I kept on running. When I got to the place I had started I was beat up and sore but had run 11 miles. Something I should be really proud of but no  my addict gene wouldn't let me. Hell 2.1 miles more and it's a half marathon. faster better  bigger so I kept on running. I could go on and on with how being an addict and being sober had pushed me on to greater tasks  some positive some not. I need a motorcycle and that will make everything right.......Then I need another motorcycle......I need a  faster car etc etc. more tattoos. I could go on but I am in fear that this sounds really preachy so I'll stop. So now you know a little bit more about Riki and there is a strong chance some of the things I write could hurt me in getting another job but if it does........That's just stupid......By the way I do party I just dont drink or do drugs...

I would dig on reading your comments so post them here and if you like my blog's please spread the word.


  1. I'm damn glad you're writing these blogs again!

    While I myself have never been an addict, it's good to hear of someone else who doesn't drink, but also doesn't mind people drinking around them. I always get looked at strangely for that.

  2. Hey Riki,

    Nice to see someone of your stature being honest about his past, being inspirational and yet not preachy.

    I've always enjoyed your work from the Ball to Racing Rocks. Its nice to get to see the man behind the mayhem

    I like the way your write- my thoughts are disjointed as well- yet they always come around to make a point- and I think its more entertaining that way.

    Rock on and God Bless

    Dustin Pari

    (BTW Thanks for your fantasy advice on twitter- came in first this year! Next year I am getting in the Cathouse 500)

  3. Hey Riki, I had a strong addiction to speed and coke ...i am six years sober now and life is so much better. I do have a drink every now and then but it does not lead to anything else thank god. Im not much on preaching either. But I will always help someone if they need it. Keep writing dude.

  4. By the way I met you last year and you took a pic with me and my wife. You couldn't have been cooler. Thanks for being real.

  5. thank you for sharing yourself with us. it's refreshing to read your story and learn more about you...the honesty is appreciated. and if anyone chooses to use your honesty as a reason NOT to give you a job...then they are part of what is wrong in this society. seriously consider writing a book...no guarantee it would be a best seller...but it would be a well worn book passed around among friends!

  6. Too sick with various things to partake so I get what you're saying about being sober with others that aren't and not being bothered by it. It's good that you're focusing your energies and passion on other things. Having passion for something is pretty awesome way to deal with addiction.

  7. Riki,
    I've been a big fan of yours ever since you first hosted Headbanger's Ball. I can still remember the episodes of you and Alice n Chains at the water park, sky diving with Megadeth, and you being ambushed with hard (frozen?) cup cakes on Fred Coury's birthday. You never struck me as being high or strung out, but just a fun-loving person who really loved his job and life overall. I never knew about your addictions before I read this post. I'm glad you haven't let the "recovering addict" mentality keep you from doing what you love and getting the most out of life. Others I've known lost faith in themselves and live in constant fear of relapse, using it as a crutch. Congratulations on your 22 yrs and I wish you continued success with your career and sobriety!

  8. You've been on my blog roll since day one. I like reading everything you write, Riki. Weird, during the hair metal/headbanger ball days when I kepy up with your every career move, I thought you were a lot like me, the sober one around a bunch of crazy people. Now, I find out, that was the truth.

    Happy to see you finding fun without booze or drugs. Look forward to reading more.

  9. I have to agree with the anonymous person... "Nice to see someone of your stature being honest about his past, being inspirational and yet not preachy." I tend to learn better when people are not trying to preach things to me... which is why I probably loved reading "Soaring Above Co-Addiction" by Lisa Espich. The author is not writing as a professional giving advice. Instead, she writes from the viewpoint of a wife and mother who struggled to save her family from addiction, and eventually found the right source of help. I think people tend to listen better when things are not being shoved down their throat. Thank you for sharing your story.

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  11. Welcome back from the edge,again.Everyone has their hits and misses,and if you missed the opportunity,then make the opportunity happen.Don't stop trying for all you want,cause if you do,then you have no one but yourself to blame,and even if you don't succeed,at least you took the chance to try.No one can hate you or ridicule you for that.