Explanation of what this is

There are hundred's of waiters that call themselves actor's. That guy making your soy frappucino is a musician. You know that because he tell's you almost daily. So from this day forward I will call myself a writer. I may make money on the television and radio but I am choosing to call myself a writer.
From what I can tell in order to call myself a "writer" I need to do one thing.......write

Ive been blessed to have so many jobs from MTV's Headbangers Ball , WCW Wrestling,NASCAR TV & Radio host, Creator of some of the most succesful nightclubs in L.A mainly the CATHOUSE,3 years on Loveline,Talk Radio Host, reality shows from Daisy of Love, Charm School and the Rock of Love Reunions. Ive seen some of my friends become the biggest rock stars in the world. I have interviewed 1000's of the most unique people from sports and entertainment. Ya the boasting is making me sick too.
Ive also lost everything, filed for bankruptcy and had to get a job as a car salesman just to keep the lights on. That is what I do and what I have done but that is not who I am.

One more thing. Kid's or very sensitive folk should not read my blog's just in case I say something a tad risque.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Only a few Mediums and a few Large of that limited Cathouse shirt. They will be gone by tonight

Scroll down just a bit. Ok a little more. There ya go. See that limited Cathouse shirt? Well I have a few Medium and a few Large. Go ahead get one now. Follow instructions on earlier post. Thanks kids

Thursday, May 15, 2014


 Ok let me start by telling all of you that this is not going to be another avenue of social media for me. I may look at the stories I have written here and combine everything on one site....Ya maybe. Ya see us that have Mega ADHD come up with a lot of great ideas but sometimes they don't come to fruition. 

  Look at this page. There are some random Riki ramblings here. A story about Dimebag, A few short stories I have written and I'm sure if I would have stayed focused enough to read all the posts I would find things I probably should have deleted. I tend to write some personal stuff and usually post before spellchecking and thinking what the ramifications may be. 

 So lets get to what brought you here To begin if you don't know the story of the Cathouse go read the history on www.cathousehollywood.com

If you go to that site you will see a style of a shirt called "Broken In" These shirts are really cool vintage soft and a real "been there done that" logo. The shirts sell for $40 which is actually a lot less than that style of T sells for...

I wanted to put out a shirt similar that I could even sell cheaper. I found a really cool dark grey shirt. Soft like umm like something that's just really really soft. I dig this shirt and I slapped on one of the "been there done that" distressed logo. My company 

10 Small SOLD OUT
20 Medium
20 Large
10 XLarge SOLD OUT
Thats it there ain't no more

So whats going to be the price on these badboys. 
$275.00? No     
$100?....not quite friend.  
$4.oo? ...don't be stoopid 

Because you people are really going to help me get the word out regarding #RikisRide. Because you will watch my LIVE show on tradiov.com May 28th. Because I really really like you. I am selling these shirts first come first serve for ONLY $15.00 
Oh my gawd Riki you are amazing...."Said by nobody"

Here are the simple 10 steps to get your shirt. Please follow these simple instruction. I know somebody will still ask a question.

#1 Decide the size you would like and which one would make you feel so sassy.

#2 Come to terms that these shirts will be shipped PRIORITY MAIL and 5.25 will needed to be added to each shirt.

#3 Know you are shipping only to USA No International orders for this one

#4 Do the math 1 shirt + shipping is only $20.25 . If you buy 2 shirts do not add another 5.25

#5 PAYPAL Yes you need a PayPal acct. Very easy to get. PayPal the total amount to

# 6 Make sure in the notes portion of the paypal order you put the Size you want

# 7 Feel overjoyed you will get a shirt in a few short days that nobody else has

# 8 Promise to follow @RikiRachtman on twitter and click on his links to photos and video's for   #RikisRide 

# 9 Watch May 28th tradiov.com for #RikisRide "the opening act

#10 Be nice 

Ok order away Watch twitter to see which shirts are sold out...

Thanks everyone
If there isn't this logo It's a stupid piece of crap bootleg made by meth heads that are mean to kittens 

Monday, January 2, 2012

No really I mean it this time

Those that are long time RACPAC. (sorry if your here you are one too) know that I write some big ass blogs. I did it for years on My Space and have even included some on previous blog postings right here. I'd appreciate if you checked them out. I pull no punches here and was already told that opening up as much as I did regarding my prior drug use may have hurt a possible gig.

 Let me tell you this place is my therapy. I dig writing. Here I'm not the radio guy. The guy that hosted Headbangers Ball,Vh1 Reality shows or that dude thats been working in Nascar for 9 years. I'm just a guy that's a little fucked up. I came to a big realization this past week.

          I never had a mid life crisis because I never had a mid life. I have been living for decades honestly believing I'm in my early twenties. What happened this week is all of a sudden I realized I'm old or at least getting older. I'm dealing with a wide range of emotions and fear. I plan to share much of this on these blogs as well as tell you some cool stories from the past.
I know there is a way you can subscribe to this blog and I would really appreciate if you did.

A real update very soon.